Yeah, so, we’re Covert - a remote working post house.
We’re a motley crew of creatives, artists & producers who after years of freelance gigs, took the leap to set up a shop that would disrupt the post production industry for the better, whilst making some seriously cool shit.
We had this pretty nifty idea to all work from our own homes. We ditched the long arse commute full of mouth breathers and cancelled trains and traded it for our humble abodes + a chunk of extra work time. 
Turns out when you’re not paying through the nose for an office with a bean bag room in Soho, you can spend that moolah on your peoples, bringing in some top notch, talented individuals from anywhere.
We also found a way to flip the traditional post-house pipeline on its head, by delivering VFX, CG, motion and animation all using Cinema 4D and After Effects and an INSANE amount of custom plugins and scripts.
We’ve trimmed the fat but kept the flavour, lost the flame (suites), but kept the fire. 
So here we are, 4 years into making said shit - TV adverts, short films, music videos and social content and we’re loving it. We’re making banging work, without burning holes in pockets. 

We Are Covert Post
Covert Post are the sister company of We Are Covert  LTD - A remote working creative studio delivering  Experiential, Digital & Motion lead campaigns - find out more here - https://wearecovert.com/