KHALID - New Normal
On our most recent Collaboration with Grammy nominated director Andy Hines, Covert were lucky enough to provide the VFX for Khalid's debut track from his heavily anticipated new album 'New Normal'. Set within the bustling futuristic metropolis of Downtown LA in the year 2033, Khalid explores his own interpretation of the 'New Normal' inspired by the recent and very impactful global pandemic.

The film boasts a couple of Iconic locations, such as 'Blade Runner's' Bradbury building and the beautifully unique Bosco Verticale buildings in Milan.
Covert had the privilege of filling Bradbury Building with an army of delivery drones and extending the Atrium by an extra 15 floors to make for a spectacular hero moment in the film. The set extension was a bespoke build which utilised and amplified the beautiful Renaissance Revival architecture.

The beautiful Bosco buildings were again modelled from scratch and developed using the original building blueprints to ensure the correct scale and realism.

Along with a variety of futuristic tech elements Covert were tasked with applying throughout, the film comes to a grand climactic finish where Khalid stands at his apartment window to witness the wonder of a full CG city in which a team of drones are applying the finishing touches to a billboard for 'Space Corp', the fictional organisation which plays a key supporting role in the marketing campaign for the artists new album.

We had an absolute blast working on this one and a thrilled to see the millions of views and extensive press coverage of the release in the opening days.